Optimising a Target Operating Model through an Architecture of Business

by Michael Poulin & Kirill Derevenski European Journal of Business and Management (EJBM), ISSN 2222-XXXX (Paper) ISSN 2222-XXXX (Online) Vol X, No.X, 2011 Abstract This paper describes a comprehensive – and revolutionary – approach to effective organisational adaptation to change in a dynamic market environment. Disruption is all around and even the most established players …

Architecture of Business: Architectural Governance

Part 1. Architectural Governance: What and Why A concept of an Architecture of Business organisation (AoB) includes four fundamental artefacts, one of which is an Architectural Governance (AG). The Architecture of Business’s AG is defined as a set of principles, policies and procedures or activities, by which The AG is designed in compliance with existing …

Extending Zachman Framework™ for new Market Realities

Architecture of Business/Enterprise requires extension of Zachman Framework/Ontology to add contextual and ‘by whom’ dimensions

Recent ARTICLES published in #LinkedIn

Are Clouds now heading to a Thunderstorm? by Michael Poulin, 2022. Does #Enterprise #Architecture need #protection in a #digital world? by Michael Poulin, 2022. If experts still define EA differently, what is EA actually?  by Michael Poulin, 2022. This is the article #100; 12,184 Impressions.  Shared Services in a Nutshell by Michael Poulin, 2022.  Risks of …

Split and Join of #Functional and #Informational #Microservices

Article defines Functional Microservices using gRPC interface versus Informational Microservices accessible via RESTful interface. The Functional Microservices are validated against distortionless criteria. The code example of Interface definition for Functional Microservice is provided together with options allowing passing data together with function invocation.