Jeopardy of an API Economy

2015 Why I am moving against the flow again? Why all around are getting excited about APIs and I don’t? Probably, this is because of negative post-taste after DOT-COMs and global webinisation of industry  15 years ago when the most sensitive information was offered to anyone, including competitors and simply not good people or it […]

No Need to Sell Business Architecture to Executives

2015 Currently, there is a lot of discussions in the industries about Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Architecture (BA). An Enterprise Architecture rooting from IT is fairly denied by the corporate business as not competitive yet. However, we know multiple cases where IT Enterprise Architects (EAs) were held aside from the business concerns of the […]

A shift in Understanding of Private and Public Cloud

2014 For the first half of 2014, I heard more and more frequently that of Private Cloud was interpreted as a Shared Cloud hosted outside of the consumer company. For example, this was articulated by people in the OVUN Cloud Workshop and in the 6th Annual World Cloud Forum. The executives I’ve talked to in […]

#Updated #Principles of #Service #Orientation

2014 Motivation Current Principles of Service Orientation (SO) were formulated about 15 years ago when Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) fought its way up into the mainstream of enterprise IT. They are widely known from publications of Thomas Erl 1,2 where the vocabulary of SO was compromised for the sake of mass adoption of Web Service technology. […]

5 BLOGs posted for the BPMCM Summit 2015

2015 All BLOGs may be found in the same place: BLOG 1:  Organic Business Architecture and its Mission in the Business Organization BLOG 2:  SOA on a Rescue Mission to Business Architecture BLOG 3:  Where the Strategic Business Solutions come from? BLOG 4:  How to Sell Business Architecture to Corporate Executives? BLOG 5:  Anti-Pattern for the Modern […]

Internet of Things is premature for our current culture

2015 This blog has been sparked by a small information in the London’s Evening Standard newspaper – “London Bridge chaos continues with fare glitch”. For those who are distant from London, let me explain – one of the most busy and central train stations – London Bridge – has been moved under reconstruction a few […]

What Business Architecture Needs: Value Streams or Activity Streams?

2015 I think you have noticed that when you are seriously looking into many familiar things, especially in the business world, you find yourself, your line of thoughts and language occupied by stereotypes. They help to communicate, but they also obfuscate the core of things. The most illustrative examples of stereotypical thinking we can find […]

UML between Top-Down and Bottom-Up

2014 During holidays very strange and different thoughts come to mind. For example, when we use UML in project design for development, what is the difference between a top-down and bottom-up design? Ok, let’s start with the simple case. As we know, traditional UML operates with Class as the basis element. The latest 2.4 and […]