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Business Capabilities for a Dynamic Market

A view from the Architecture of Business organisation

Definition of Business Capability and its consequences for managing and designing a system of business organisation. Business to Technology approach. Agnostic to the business industry domains, company size and jurisdiction.

Selected chapters.

The paper book is available from the author with discount.


Chapter: How Business Architecture Enables Agility in a Dynamic Market

Arrival of Business Architecture

This chapter from the book “Business & Dynamic Change” represents describes architectural principles that have led to the concept of Architecture of Business organisation later on.


Architects Know What Managers Don’t

Business Architecture for Dynamic Market

A fundamental book that changes the view on organisation of both business and technology and predicting many changes currently taking place in the era of globalisation and digitisation. Orientation on service inside and outside of the company is the key instrument for success when environment changes as fast as in our days.

The paper book is available from the author with discount and from Amazon



Ladder to SOE

How to create resourceful and efficient solutions for market changes within business and technology

The book dedicated to Service-Oriented Enterprise covers the most significant aspects of such organisation, including Business-Technology relationships, organisation structure and corporate culture, innovations, management accountability, governance and development management, enterprise architecture, several real-world examples and steps on the ladder to organisation that Digital Economy promotes today.


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InfoQ Book Review

Interview with M. Poulin

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