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Optimising a Target Operating Model through an Architecture of Business

by Michael Poulin & Kirill Derevenski European Journal of Business and Management (EJBM), ISSN 2222-XXXX (Paper) ISSN 2222-XXXX (Online) Vol X, No.X, 2011 Abstract This paper describes a comprehensive – and revolutionary – approach to effective organisational adaptation to change in a dynamic market environment. Disruption is all around and even the most established players…

Architecture of Business: Architectural Governance

Part 1. Architectural Governance: What and Why A concept of an Architecture of Business organisation (AoB) includes four fundamental artefacts, one of which is an Architectural Governance (AG). The Architecture of Business’s AG is defined as a set of principles, policies and procedures or activities, by which The AG is designed in compliance with existing…

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