I have over 30 years of professional experience comprising mathematical research and computer science

Consciously or subconsciously, I rejected a role of pure technologist, challenging the status quo in many aspects of IT business. As many others in this field, I  struggled to find a simple answers to why IT has so many problems, what are their roots, are trying to correct the problem consequences while the real problems situate somewhere else.

I have found the roots of many IT problems in Business, particularly, in the Corporate Business. These problems are not only in the relationships between business and IT departments but also inside the business realm itself, especially at the level where answers to “why?” and “what?” questions are substituted by “how?” When I am given a task, before thinking how to solve it I always look for what this task is in its context and whether it is a task indeed. With this knowledge, I can work as an consulting adviser to IT and business senior managers, at the enterprise and programme level, in both business and technology architecture.


Learning new political, society and technology concepts

Historical travelling

Collecting souvenir spoons from all places I visited

My professional certification and membership

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