How to become an Architect in a Digital Economy

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How to become an Architect in A Digital Economy

Sharing experience and transferring knowledge to Developers and Architects of new generation

Collection of IT wisdom “Does it still stand <There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all>?”

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Make decisions

Catch a valuable business idea

Direct outcome of development

Investigate problems

Create solutions

Participate in negotiations

Secure solutions

Obtain advanced business education

Architecting for performances

My Services

Independent reviews of new and emerging SW products

Tutoring for school pupils

Individual consultations on a problem or task. Photo by Startup Stock Photos on

Consultations to companies on specified topics or tasks

Round tables on complex topics

Lectures and Webinars, in person or remotely

Training Courses and Presentations on the selected topics

About Me

I have found that many IT problems root in the Corporate Business. These are not only in the relationships but when answers to “why?” and “what?” are substituted by “how?” Before thinking how to solve a given task, I always look for the purpose and context of this task, and whether it is the task indeed. See my BIO here

Live Site

Technology moves fast, though not necessary in the directions that benefit people. I plan new publications – short video lectures, reviews, BLOGS, etc. You are always able to find what I plan to address in the nearest future. Check-out “Plans” section

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