Basic Check-list for Cloud Consumers

Recent OVUM Cloud Forum 2012 as well as other events and publications demonstrate a shift in Cloud’s consumer’s attention (What is Happening to Clouds and Who is at Fault?) from technical to business aspects of Cloud Computing (hereinafter, Cloud), particularly, to  its usability from business perspectives. It seems that 2012 will be the year of […]

Do we really need identity propagation in SOA and Clouds?

2012 IT developers and, especially IT Security specialists struggled for years trying to create an identity control at the enterprise level. The most known initiative and model in this area is Single Sign On (SSO) where an identity of an end-user can be propagated between systems and can be recognized across an enterprise. In today’s […]

#Purpose #Case #Management and #Solution #Flexibility #Estimate

2012 Preamble After many years of process-dominating approach to our work, we have collectively “discovered” that the process is not the only way of doing things. There are many unstructured activities and even social activities that have to be governed and managed. These activities affect our daily productivity and, at the end, an efficiency of […]

#Patterns In The #Context of #SOA #Business #Services

2010 Introduction Along the evolutionary path through centuries, the Mankind  has found that we need some things stable, immutable, and even ‘untouchable’ to grasp the other constantly changing things. The examples of such immutable things include religion postulate, mathematical axioms and the Earth shape.  Nonetheless, sometimes, the knowledge acquired in the evolution pushed us to […]

Does a Web Service Make a Service for SOA? , 2006 Neither SOAP WebServices nor HTTP REST interfaces constitute services defined in SOA What could be easier than to take your application, wrap it with a Web Service, announce it or register it in the UDDI and get a SOA Service? Even better – take a data warehouse, cover a SQL executing code […]

SOA Strategy and Spline Tactics

2010 First things first: ‘SOA Strategy’ in the title of the article stands for ‘Service-Oriented Agile Strategy’,’ and we will talk about how to transform IT to make it agile to Market. ‘Spline’ is a term unusual to non-mathematicians. In simple words, spline is an interpolation function that balances between the smoothing and closeness to […]

Logging for SOA – an enterprise-level solution

SOA & WOA, 2008 Reads: 13,996 What could be the problem with logging in SOA in the presence of such wonderful tools like log4j, Java’s logging library and similar? Why might we need something special for SOA and why aren’t existing techniques enough? The answer is simple and complex simultaneously – in SOA we are […]

Wonderland Of SOA Governance

InfoQ, 2009 Introduction – Down to the Rabbit Hole One man, Harry W., once said “Alice does not fall down the hole. She sees the white rabbit, is intrigued, and willingly follows him down the deep rabbit hole.” Yes, the secret of Wonderland is about the meaning of the words: Harry has insisted that Alice ‘willingly follow[s]’ into […]