#Code of #DevOps #Practice

Code of DevOps Practice is an open proposal for organising creative work of DevOps in modern enterprise. The document includes: subject, cause, values, pillars and principles of the DevOps development as well as some best practice recommendations and a list of referred articles.

Split and Join of #Functional and #Informational #Microservices

Article defines Functional Microservices using gRPC interface versus Informational Microservices accessible via RESTful interface. The Functional Microservices are validated against distortionless criteria. The code example of Interface definition for Functional Microservice is provided together with options allowing passing data together with function invocation.

#Contribution of #Architects into #Testing

Article discusses issues with modern light-weight testing applied via automation in DevOps practice and states that such testing is not necessarily enough for quality products, especially in the case of distribution in Cloud.

How smart is #Smart #Contract?

The first time I heard about the automation of contract negotiation and agreement in 2001-2002. It was written in ebXML (backed by OASIS and UN/CEFACT).  It was an amazing achievement because the first SML Conference took place just in 2001. The endeavour fails because of two major reasons, as I learnt later: Business people did […]

Jeopardy of an API Economy

2015 Why I am moving against the flow again? Why all around are getting excited about APIs and I don’t? Probably, this is because of negative post-taste after DOT-COMs and global webinisation of industry  15 years ago when the most sensitive information was offered to anyone, including competitors and simply not good people or it […]

#Updated #Principles of #Service #Orientation

2014 Motivation Current Principles of Service Orientation (SO) were formulated about 15 years ago when Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) fought its way up into the mainstream of enterprise IT. They are widely known from publications of Thomas Erl 1,2 where the vocabulary of SO was compromised for the sake of mass adoption of Web Service technology. […]

Internet of Things is premature for our current culture

2015 This blog has been sparked by a small information in the London’s Evening Standard newspaper – “London Bridge chaos continues with fare glitch”. For those who are distant from London, let me explain – one of the most busy and central train stations – London Bridge – has been moved under reconstruction a few […]

UML between Top-Down and Bottom-Up

2014 During holidays very strange and different thoughts come to mind. For example, when we use UML in project design for development, what is the difference between a top-down and bottom-up design? Ok, let’s start with the simple case. As we know, traditional UML operates with Class as the basis element. The latest 2.4 and […]

Logging for SOA – an enterprise-level solution

SOA & WOA, 2008 Reads: 13,996 What could be the problem with logging in SOA in the presence of such wonderful tools like log4j, Java’s logging library and similar? Why might we need something special for SOA and why aren’t existing techniques enough? The answer is simple and complex simultaneously – in SOA we are […]