“#Lean #Architecture”: is it for real?

Published on January 7, 2019 I’ve just checked Google for the term “Lean Architecture” and found several links, all of which lead to a quite ambiguous situation. Not earlier than last year, Chris Shayan published an article “Lean Architecture” in DZone. He said, ”The concept or architecture remains a staple in descriptions of various forms […]

IT Mindset in Approaching a Business Architecture Maturity

Published on April 1, 2017 I am trying to make my mind around the recent article of Simona Lovin about Business Architecture Maturity. When I read it, I could not rid of a feeling I’ve seen something very similar already. Indeed, it was an ADM from TOGAF standard. For those who are unfamiliar with this […]

TOG Open Business Architecture standard is, actually, about IT transformation

Published on August 17, 2017, on LinkedIn I’d like to thank Dr. Giovanni Traverso of Huawei for the description of the Open Business Architecture (O-BA) standard in his presentation at The Open Group Shanghai 2016 Summit. It is not easy to access the standard being not a member of The Open Group (TOG) (interesting, whom is […]

Architecture of Business for Business by Business

Published in 2017 on organicbusinessdesign.com The enterprise element that is missed, but suspected by many This article continues our publications about united architectural and operational viewpoints on the corporate business. EVERY FORMAL BUSINESS organisation has its intrinsic architecture [1]. This is the fundamental outcome from the Theory of Systems. It is not about an architecture […]

No Need to Sell Business Architecture to Executives

2015 Currently, there is a lot of discussions in the industries about Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Architecture (BA). An Enterprise Architecture rooting from IT is fairly denied by the corporate business as not competitive yet. However, we know multiple cases where IT Enterprise Architects (EAs) were held aside from the business concerns of the […]

5 BLOGs posted for the BPMCM Summit 2015

2015 All BLOGs may be found in the same place: BLOG 1:  Organic Business Architecture and its Mission in the Business Organization BLOG 2:  SOA on a Rescue Mission to Business Architecture BLOG 3:  Where the Strategic Business Solutions come from? BLOG 4:  How to Sell Business Architecture to Corporate Executives? BLOG 5:  Anti-Pattern for the Modern […]

What Business Architecture Needs: Value Streams or Activity Streams?

2015 I think you have noticed that when you are seriously looking into many familiar things, especially in the business world, you find yourself, your line of thoughts and language occupied by stereotypes. They help to communicate, but they also obfuscate the core of things. The most illustrative examples of stereotypical thinking we can find […]