Dealing with Architectural Security

J2EE Journal   OCTOBER 15, 2005 10:30 AM EDT READS: 32,681        Application architects have heard about the increased importance of security, but in many cases they really don’t know how to approach this issue. In this article, I’ll share my experience and define a few basic steps and checkpoints for building application architecture with […]

Finding Services with the Novell Trader

by MIKHAIL ZLOCHEVSKIY Software Engineer, Novell Trader Java Technologies Group 1 Dec 1997, Provo, USA Focuses on the basic query method for the lookup of distributed objects with the Novell trader. Explains the query parameters and how to successfully locate objects registered with the Trader. Introduction Simple Client Code for Novell Trader TraderQuery Class Methods […]

Why Managers Admire Ambiguity

Any Architecture is based on answers to five core question: WHY, WHAT, WHO/WHOM-FOR, WHERE, and WHEN. Any architecture comprises models and structures that detail the answers. If any answer to aforementioned questions is vague it becomes apparent immediately because it brings uncertainty and can lead to multiple versions of architecture with no criteria for comparison. […]

We do not need SOA 3.0… we never needed SOA 2.0 as well

This BLOG is a reaction to the post by Scott Andersen, IASA Fellow, published on 29 Oct., 2012, at IASA’s Thoughts on Enterprise and Technology Architecture. In the BLOG, Scott points to new fantastic gadgets – Meta-Watch and BlackBerry connected watch – that are on their way to the consumers and expected by the end of this […]